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winter 2021 events poster by chris lee

01.12.21 – Daniels Faculty announces Winter 2021 Lectures & Talks

The John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design at the University of Toronto is excited to announce our Winter 2021 Talks & Lectures schedule featuring speakers and themes that simultaneously address the urgency of our contemporary challenges, and the opportunities of our diverse programs — architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, visual studies, and forestry.

The Winter 2021 Talks, a series of thematic discussions titled Resolutions and Agencies, continues our exploration of design’s capacity to respond to activism, resilience, decolonization, density, narrative, and justice, among other topics. Lectures provide an in-depth view on a topic by one speaker, while talks allow for thematic discussion with a diverse group of featured speakers.

Find more details and register for events:

Winter 2021 Talks – Resolutions and Agencies

January 14, 6:30pm
Douglas Cardinal: Life in Architecture
Douglas Cardinal OC, FRAIC
2020-21 Frank Gehry International Visiting Chair in Architectural Design

January 21, 7pm
Imagining the Future through Design
Sputniko! (Tokyo University of the Arts)
Respondent Georgina Voss (London College of Communication)
Moderated by Maria Yablonina (Daniels Faculty)

January 26, 7pm
In Conversation with BAIDA (Black Architects and Interior Designers Association)
Pan Canada Lecture Series
BAIDA Members: Tura Cousins Wilson, Kathryn Lawrence, Salome Tonge, Bridget Brown, Christopher Williams, Brent Hughes

February 4, 6:30pm
Douglas Cardinal: Conversation with Arthur Dyson
Douglas Cardinal OC, FRAIC
2020-21 Frank Gehry International Visiting Chair in Architectural Design
Arthur Dyson (Arthur Dyson Architects)
Moderated by Robert Levit (Daniels Faculty)

February 9, 1pm
Book Launch - The Architecture of Point William. A Laboratory for Living
Ed Burtynsky (Photographer)
Kenneth Frampton (Columbia GSAPP)
Scott Norsworthy (Photographer, Daniels Faculty)
Brigitte Shim (Shim-Sutcliffe Architects, Daniels Faculty)
Howard Sutcliffe (Shim-Sutcliffe Architects)
Moderated by Elsa Lam (Canadian Architect)

February 11, 12:30pm
Constructing A Revisionist Architectural History of the Americas: An Architectural History Colloquium
Charles L Davis II (University at Buffalo, SUNY)
Bryan Norwood (University of Michigan)
Caitlin Blanchfield (Columbia University)
Moderated by Mary Lou Lobsinger (Daniels Faculty)

February 25, 6:30pm
Douglas Cardinal: Talks with Students
Douglas Cardinal OC, FRAIC
2020-21 Frank Gehry International Visiting Chair in Architectural Design
Moderated by James Bird (Daniels Faculty)

March 3, 12pm
Suburban Transformation
James Fisher (Rotman, U of T)
Paul Hess (Geography and Planning, U of T)
Lawrence Loh (Dalla Lana School of Public Health, U of T)
Eric Miller (Transportation Research Institute, U of T)
Pina Petricone (Daniels Faculty)
Michael Piper (Daniels Faculty)
Matti Siemiatycki (School of Cities, U of T)
Leslie Woo (CivicAction)
Rob Wright (Daniels Faculty)
Co-presented with the School of Cities, U of T

March 4, 6:30pm
Hearing Stories: Narrative Audio in Isolation
Kaitlin Prest (Radiotopia, CBC)
Jana Winderen (Touch Recordings)
Co-moderated by Mitchell Akiyama (Daniels Faculty) and Neil Verma (Northwestern University)
Co-presented with the Sound Arts & Industries Program at Northwestern University, and the Great Lakes Association for Sound Studies (GLASS)

March 11, 6:30pm
Unsettled Lands: Architecture, History, Pedagogy
Ana María León (University of Michigan)
Andrew Herscher (University of Michigan)
K. Wayne Yang (UC San Diego)
Eladia Smoke (Laurentian University)
Moderated by Mary Lou Lobsinger (Daniels Faculty)

March 25, 6:30pm
Douglas Cardinal: Walk Through Architecture
Douglas Cardinal OC, FRAIC
2020-21 Frank Gehry International Visiting Chair in Architectural Design

March 26-27
Graphic Content: Drawing as Method
Symposium times to be announced
Speakers include:
Nishat Awan (TU Delft)
Luke Caspar Pearson + Sandra Youkhana (You+Pea)
Cyan Cheng (RCA)
Charlotte Malterre-Barthes (Harvard GSD)
Deane Simpson (KADK)
Ghazal Jafari (UVA)
Nerea Calvillo (University of Warwick)
Organized by Jesse LeCavalier (Daniels Faculty)

decorative graphic by mariah meawasige

Winter 2021 Lectures

January 12, 4pm
Kapwani Kiwanga (Paris)
MVS Proseminar

January 26, 5:30pm
Filipa Ramos (London)
MVS Proseminar

January 29, 1pm
Lara Lesmes & Fredrik Hellberg (Space Popular)

February 5, 1pm
Filipe Magalhães, Ana Luisa Soares, & Ahmed Belkhodja (Fala Atelier)

February 10, 12pm
Wasyl Bakowsky (Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry)

February 17, 12pm
Rob Keron (Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry)

February 23, 1pm
Matthew Hickey (Two Row Architect)

February 23, 5:30pm
Irenosen Okojie (Niger / UK)
MVS Proseminar

March 1, 1pm
Marina Tabassum (MTA)

March 2, 1pm
Alfred Waugh (Formline Architecture)

March 9, 6:30pm
Walter Hood, ASLA (Hood Design Studio)
Michael Hough/Ontario Association of Landscape Architects Visiting Critic

March 16, 1pm
Timothy Hyde (MIT)

March 16, 5:30pm
Lauren Fournier (Toronto)
MVS Proseminar

March 23, 5:30pm
Rui Mateus Amaral (Toronto)
MVS Proseminar

What's Next: Alumni Speaker Series

What’s Next is an alumni speaker series organized by the student unions (AVSSU, GALDSU, and FGSA). Speakers present their work and career paths since graduating from the different programs at the Daniels Faculty. All programs are free, online, and open to the public. Find more details and register in advance at

January 25, 7pm
Julia Smachylo & Jackie Hamilton

February 8, 7pm
Drew Adams

February 22, 7pm
Cheyanne Turions

March 8, 7pm
Jia Liu