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01.18.21 – The second episode of Daniels Radio is now online

Daniels Radio logo

Daniels Radio logo design by Mark Bennett.

Daniels Radio, the Daniels Faculty's new student podcast, has just released its second episode. The theme of the show is "women in design."

The episode is embedded below, and can also be downloaded right here.


The show is split into four segments, each featuring a different group of Daniels students, discussing a different aspect of the female experience within Daniels or in the design fields. A variety of voices — female, male, and nonbinary — talk about the implications, good and bad, of the design community's push for gender diversity.

"I have an immediate kind of visceral reaction to the phrase 'women in architecture,'" says Miranda Fay, a fourth-year Master of Architecture student who is one of the episode's speakers. "To me, it doesn't really encompass even just the surface level of equity issues or gender issues."

Daniels Radio is produced with the support of assistant professors Peter Sealy and Jay Pooley.

The other contributors to episode two are:

Aisling Beers, host and editor
Erika Ulrich, editor
Louisa Kennett, segment writer and speaker
Allison E. Smith, segment writer and speaker
Dahlia, segment speaker
Tanvi Khurmi, segment speaker
Isobel Mclean, segment writer and speaker
Randa Omar, segment writer and speaker
Miranda Fay, segment writer and speaker
Jennifer Chau Tran, segment speaker
Noor Khalili, segment speaker
Jess Misak, segment speaker
Maya Freeman, segment speaker
Xavier Fox, segment speaker

Click here to download a full transcript.