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Ed Pien

Assistant Professor
T 416-705-8685

Ed Pien researches the convergence of history, beliefs, and mythology from diverse cultures in an attempt to make more engaging and critical art.

Using drawing, paper-cuts, installation, sound, and video work; curiosity, wonder and enchantment are explored while celebrating diverse ways of being in the world.

In Pien's drawing-based works, images of strange and hybridized figures defy quick or simple reading, and have recently become even more dense and complex.

The use of installation allows him to combine powerful elements of drawing, video and sound to achieve seductive and evocative environments.

All Pien's work and concerns continually build from his previous art, from solid conceptual bases accumulated through comprehensive research. However, intuition and play with the imagination are also pivotal to these works: each piece is open-ended and is in no way meant to be definitive, illustrational or didactic. Pien aims to make conceptually and physically provocative art that opens up a space for critical enquires and facilitates engaged perceptual experiences to take place. Ultimately the work celebrates the tangible and intangible, the real and the imagined as well as the potential for transformation.