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Ivan Saleff


Ivan Stefan Saleff was born to immigrant parents in Toronto’s Regent Park area, and subsequently raised in the suburbs and educated in the Ivy League. Ivan received his undergraduate degree in Architectural Science from Ryerson in 1982 and his Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania in 1985.  Following his internship in the Philadelphia and NYC offices of Pritzer Prize winning Architect Robert Venturi and Denise Scott-Brown, he returned to Toronto where he has been continuously involved in practice, teaching and research.

Ivan Saleff Architect (ISA) is an award winning, OAA licensed sole proprietorship conducting a small, lively and diverse practice.  Recent projects include Emery Village Park and Square, Urban Design Study for Lakeshore Blvd. West, BIAs, Weston Rd. Pedestrian Bridge, Villa Discrete, Villa Ark, 235 King St., East, Aroma Espresso Bar (Bloor St., West), CIBO Clinic, Squirt and Bowtie Gallery Seating, Ripple Dining Table, Ghost reception desk, and Law Office Interiors. 

The variety of project typologies investigated continues to promote a fresh and objective view of architectural practice within the context of sustainability and the modern condition. The firm’s work has been published in both national and international publications with papers presented at various conferences including the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, Energy Matters Summit and Affordable Housing Renewal Symposium as well as contributing articles to publications such as Concrete Toronto - A Guide to Concrete Architecture from the Fifties to the Seventies.

Since his recruitment to the Daniels Faculty, Ivan has taught in Building Science, Materials and Construction 2, Illumination and Acoustics, Comprehensive Studio, Housing Studio as well as electives in Urban Design, Architecture, Technology and Ecology. The latter elective pioneered the “Tower Renewal” movement and attracted students from Architecture, Landscape, Urban Design and Engineering Master and Ph.D. programmes. Interdisciplinary synergy continues to be a focus of teaching and practice for Ivan.

Research is conducted via practice and academia. A deconstruction of housing typologies within the context of social, economic and environmental sustainability gave rise to “Motherboard House,” an investigation into extended family, multi-generational group homes. Recently the “Tower Renewal Guidelines” produced with co-principal investigator Dr. Kesik has become the definitive work on the rehabilitation of vintage high-rise housing.

Other interests include travel, blues guitar, vintage rally automobiles and “the Cottage."