David Lieberman

Publications and Projects

Just a House

London, UK

Just a house: an urban transformation through fantasy answering demands for new patterns of behaviour. The accent is on expansion of physical surroundings, sensibilities and media through the disturbance of the familiar, the realization of aspirations in opposition to the repressive architecture of bureaucracy and luxury that imposes absolutes on society.

Evergreen Memorial Gardens

Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

…in memory of an age long dead still trying to asset itself… another stone cairn in a prairie landscape, not of the land, but a mimetic archaeology of a mythic past and the classical origins of a constructed culture.

Arcadia Estates

Edmonton, Alberta

The post tensioned, brick clad concrete structure of a forty unit luxury condominium stands at the valley edge with panoramic views of the parkland of the North Saskatchewan River. The project is featured in “Capital Modern: Edmonton Architecture and Urban Design,” Alberta Art Gallery 2007.

Maskwachees Cultural College

Hobbema Cree Nation, Alberta

The day begins with the sun rising in the east, the eagle is the messenger; the eagle is not only the illumination of wisdom and understanding, but a symbol of strength and power. And so, the building rests upon the earth, a field of prairie grass blowing in the winds of each of the four quarters. The Ceremonial Room is its spiritual centre, the library its cradle of knowledge, with each and every principal space open to the surrounding landscape.

Origami House

Ward’s Island, Toronto

The folds of the enclosure create an interior free from structure, with views to the lush growth of the gardens and to the seemingly infinite expanse of the horizon of the waters of Lake Ontario.

The Alchemist’s Garden


The metaphorical conditions of painted landscape afford opportunities for access and intervention. Spaces are perceived as we move through them, views are framed, and transitions are mediated.

The Reality Well connects the surface structure and a walking rhythm to contemplate that which was beneath and to be immersed in its memory. It is one of an ongoing series of alchemical instruments, architectural devices as enabling mechanisms to transform both space and experience.

Courtyard House

Richmond Hill, Ontario

Roofs touch lightly the glazed surround of a courtyard swimming pool, not unlike Andre Breton’s “angels who at certain times fold their wings low over the suburbs,” mindful of architectural precedents of the client’s childhood in Chile. The enfolding wings not only provide shade, but hold the sounds of the gently flowing water and the intense conversations poolside within the space of the court.