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Brian O'Brian

Sessional Lecturer

Brian was born and raised in the west and midwest of the United States, and was educated on the east coast. He graduated with multiple awards from the New Jersey School of Architecture at NJIT in Newark in 2000.

After working for numerous architects in New York City, and after acquiring his New York architect's license, Brian co-founded the O’Brian Muehleisen Architecture Studio in 2006.

He relocated to Toronto in 2010, expanding the reach of his work — and, in 2019, he renamed his practice WORKS OFFICE of Brian O’Brian Architect.

The Office pursues work that varies in scale, program, budget, and location, always with the intent to see the architecture that’s latent.

Brian is continually interested in the search for the architecture in any given work. He finds architecture to be less of a creative act than an act of discovery that’s made manifest through individual perspectives of the myriad people involved in the work.

Brian O'Brian