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Dina Sarhane

Sessional Lecturer


Dina Sarhane is a Sessional Lecturer of the Daniels Faculty's Master of Architecture program. She holds a Bachelor of Architectural Science from Carleton University (2006) and a Master of Architecture from University of Toronto (2012). Dina is Principal of DS Studio, a Toronto-based architecture and design studio, and Co-Founder of MAKE Studio, a Toronto-based fabrication and prototyping studio.

Dina's design practice, DS Studio, operates at multiple scales and focuses specifically on experiential design for commercial and public sectors. Her work explores the cognitive human understanding of space and how it can be manipulated to create customized experiences relating to retail, hospitality, and public space.  

Dina's fabrication practice, MAKE Studio, operates at a smaller scale, and focuses on prototyping and fabrication of objects and features in space. Digital and traditional fabrication methods are used to execute project in Canada and Internationally.

Dina's graduate courses include first year core-design studio (ARC 1012) and second year core-design studio (Super Studio, ARC 2013). Her teaching draws on her professional experience of architectural design and practice in Canada and Internationally. Dina has worked for notable firms in Canada, China, and Spain and her cross-culture exposure at a professional level offers a unique perspective on topics of Architecture and Urban Design.

Dina Sarhane