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Hali Larsen

Sessional Lecturer

Hali Larsen is a design research scientist with the systems group at Autodesk Research. She received her Bachelors of Applied Science in mechanical and materials engineering from Queen's University and holds a Masters of Architecture from the University of Toronto, where she focused on systems thinking for the built environment, material science for sustainable design, and the intersection of biophilic design with the digitalization of the urban environment for the health and well-being of urban populations.

Hali joined Autodesk Research in 2015 and works on advancing tools for the design and performance management of buildings and cities. In the context of the design, make, and (re)use cycle, Hali is passionate about improving human health and well-being, reducing waste, and enabling energy efficiency by questioning the impact that simulation tools, real-world data via IoT connectivity, and novel visualization techniques for big data will have on design process and outcomes.

Hali's experience prior to joining Autodesk Research includes sustainability-focused research and development at the Danish architecture firm 3XN / GXN, architectural practice in Toronto and Boston, and consulting engineering.

Hali has joined the Daniels Faculty as a sessional lecturer with a focus on generative design workflows for architecture and engineering applications and to help students explore how the practice of architecture is shifting towards integral design by leveraging the power of computation.

Hali Larsen