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Marcin Kedzior

Sessional Instructor

Marcin Kedzior is the Director of the Centre for Cultural Landscape at Willowbank (@WillowbankCentre) that considers the entanglements of architecture, urbanism, landscape, materials, technologies, and cultural practices. He is the co-founder of SITUATE | DESIGN | BUILD, a vehicle for students to work on small-scale design projects while engaging with philosophy, craft, and local communities.

As a founding editor of the journal Scapegoat: Architecture, Landscape, Political Economy, his work connects architecture to art and activist practices and undermines hidden assumptions about architecture, politics, labour, and resources. This journal is in dozens of libraries and bookstores around the world and has been exhibited internationally.

A member of the design team at Adrian Blackwell Urban Projects, his work on the winning entry for the Nathan Phillips Square Revitalization competition won a Governor General’s Award of Excellence and the National Urban Design Award. His work for MOS Architects includes numerous installations and built projects such as the highly published Floating House.

He has studied art, architecture, and Urbanism at Queen’s University (BFA), the University of Toronto (M.Arch), the Bader International Study Centre in the U.K., the Venice Summer School Program, the Global Architecture Program in China, and the Harvard GSD (Social, Economic, and Environmental Design Certification).

Marcin has taught art and architecture courses at the University of Waterloo, OCAD University, the University of Guelph, Humber ITAL, and the University of Toronto where he is a Senior Fellow at Massey College. His interests include improvisatory regimes of city formation, literary constructions of the city, medieval workshops, the legacy of the Bauhaus, the deconstruction and reuse of buildings, and the intangible and living heritage of cities.