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Ruth A. Mora

Sessional Lecturer

Ruth is an artist, a registered architect and co-founder of SUMO project, a multidisciplinary studio whose practice focuses on the integration of art, architecture, and urban design.

The studio’s site-specific installations complement and revitalize urban environments, transforming spaces while creating meaningful connections with the people that use and experience them daily. The studio works with the public and private sectors, communities, and not-for-profit organizations to engage local actors to participate in the decisions that shape our city spaces, using human-centric design and placemaking as a way to promote democracy and reduce exclusion.

Ruth's creative practice provides meaning to important urban issues while creating a sense of belonging, a sense of place, and civic pride. Her work stresses the importance of creating safe, inclusive, and welcoming environments that promote humane interactions and conversations and that reflect the diversity and cultural richness that makes us stronger.

She is an MFA graduate from Pratt Institute in the "new forms" concentration (non-traditional forms of art)* and was distinguished with the MFA’s Outstanding Achievement Award. In addition, she has a Master of Architecture from the University of Toronto. She continues to be active in both the architectural and artistic realms. She is a sessional lecturer at University of Toronto, and has been a guest critic at the University of Toronto, Penn University, and Pratt Institute.

* now called “integrated practices”