Mason White

Publications and Projects

Water Farming in the Southwest

2009 | Infrastructure | Salton, California

The Salton Sea’s extreme salinity and threatened ecosystems offer an opportunity for economic, social, and ecological innovation. The issue of water demand across the region is central to the sea’s future. Our proposal establishes the Salton Sea as a site for water harvesting. In addition, no longer serving as an irrigation sump or supporting a mono-agricultural landscape, the Salton would offer harvests of kelp, algae, fish, and (in a return to its namesake) salt.


2008 | Urban Redevelopment | Brooklyn, New York

VELoops is a network of loops, knots and nodes which accommodate the multiple scales at which urban infrastructure operates: the street, the neighborhood and the city or district.

A+U #428: Implementing Architecture

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White, M. “Condomanium: Cities of Convenience” in Ourtopias, edited by Paola Poletto, Philip Beesley, Catherine Molnar (Riverside Press, 2008): 20-25.

Ourtopias seeks to explore the varied and future states of cities. The essays in this book were developed from presentations at the Ourtopias conference hosted by Toronto s Design Exchange in June 2007. City designers, activists and legislators offered a widely varying focus that included poetic imagination, diverse public cultures and practical methods for working with complex city forms.

Worlds Away

White, M and Sheppard, L. “Flatscape: Resurfacing Contemporary Public Space” in Worlds Away: New Suburban Landscapes, edited by Andrew Blauvelt (Walker Art Center, 2008): 126-137.

306090 09: Public

White, M and Sheppard, L. “Flatscape: Exurbanism + Infrastructural Landscape” in 306090 09: Regarding Public Space, edited by Cecilia Benites, Clare Lyster (New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2005): 126-137.