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Windows 7 VPN Step by Step Guide

1. In the Start Menu, search for "vpn". Then click on Setup a virtual private network (VPN) connection.

2. In the section below enter:
Internet address:
Destination name: Daniels VPN
Select Don't connect now, then click Next.

3. For Username and password, enter your Daniels username and password. For Domain, enter ALD then click Connect.

4. Right-click Daniels VPN and select Properties.

5. On the Security Tab, Type of VPN should be set to Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol with IPsec with only Microsoft CHAP Version 2 enabled below. Afterwards click on Advanced settings.

6. Set it to Use preshared key for authentication. For the Key, enter UToronto1home. Then click OK.

Your VPN connection should now be ready for use.