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winter 2021 at daniels

11.20.20 – Winter 2021: Classes start January 11

Statement from the Dean's Office

Earlier today, President Gertler made a University-wide announcement about an important change in the start date for winter term. This shift is intended to support the U of T community's health and wellness during an unprecedented time. 

I understand how difficult this year has been for so many in our Daniels Faculty community, and I want to assure you the wellbeing of students, faculty, and staff remains our highest priority. That is why winter break will be extended by one week for all Daniels undergraduate and graduate students.

The new start date for Daniels Faculty winter 2021 undergraduate and graduate classes is January 11.

This extra time will allow us to regroup and refresh before our next term begins. As a reminder, all winter 2021 classes, labs, and tutorials will be conducted online.

Reading week dates will remain the same (February 15-19), and any previously scheduled field courses will continue remotely during that time as planned. Classes will end on April 9; final exams and reviews will be completed by April 30.

While our classes will start on January 11, the University will still be reopening on January 4. President Gertler also announced three additional paid days off for staff, to be taken individually or as a block. At the Daniels Faculty, only essential staff-related meetings are to occur during the week of January 4–January 8. Managers will meet with staff to discuss how we can organize this time to provide as much of a break as possible during this week.

We will share more information about what to expect next term very soon. The Daniels Faculty COVID-19 FAQs will be updated to reflect new information on an ongoing basis, as will the UTogether website.

For now, I want to reinforce how important it is to strike a balance between work and the other aspects of our lives. If you ever feel that it's impossible to find that balance, remember that we are here to support you. Ask for help, and you will receive it.