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Field Studies 2 – LAN1043

Waiyee Chou, Jaysen Ariola, Neds Nassiri, Ambika Pharma, Yuanyuan Ye, Siteng Xu, Dan Zhao, Chiling Zhoa
2018 – Instructor: Jane Wolff

Field Studies II, like its companion course Field Studies I, is devoted to observing, deciphering, and documenting complex ecological systems in situ.  Whereas Field Studies I looked at Toronto, this course focuses on the Toronto region.  The premise of these field study courses is that the careful examination of a particular place can suggest methods of thought, observation and representation to take with you wherever you go. This week long course asks students to look carefully at the landscape, to identify its living and non-living elements, to interpret their significance and to represent your observations and readings through drawing.  

Students in this course visit the city’s regional boundaries: the Great Lakes, the Oak Ridges Moraine, the Niagara Escarpment, and the Greenbelt.