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4th year Senior Seminar and Multidisciplinary Urban Capstone Design course

Dear Daniels Undergraduate students,

Architectural Studies students pursuing one of the AHSPE1001, AHSPE1002, or AHSPE1003 specialist programs of study are eligible to apply for the Senior Seminar (Research) and Senior Seminar (Thesis) courses for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2021-2022 academic session. Eligibility requirements are listed in the Academic Calendar.

Daniels students applying to Senior Seminar, may also indicate interest in the Multidisciplinary Urban Capstone Design course, which is a creative, iterative and open-ended course in which students from different disciplines across the University of Toronto work in teams for the academic year (September – April). To learn more about this opportunity, there is an information session about the Multidisciplinary Urban Capstone Design course on March 22, 2021 from 10-11am. For event details please visit:

Application Information

  • Students must apply using the Senior Seminar Research Thesis Application form.
  • Students only submit one application through Daniels.
  • Students must be admitted into Senior Seminar in order to be nominated for the Multidisciplinary Urban Capstone Design course.

The deadline for submission is June 1, 2021. Email completed applications to