Applying to Graduate Studies

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Admission Requirements


Tuition Fee Lookup Tool

Please be aware that tuition and fees are subject to change, and may change during the period in which applications are being processed. 

Additional information is provided by the School of Graduate Studies

Financial Planning

The Financial Planning Calculator is a publicly-available exploratory financial planning tool available to current students, prospective students and parents. Use it to plan your budget and find out how much it will cost to study at U of T for one academic year.

Awards & Scholarships

Daniels Admission Awards

Applicants will be automatically considered for any merit-based admission awards at the Daniels Faculty for which they are eligible. 

For more information on admissions, in-course and graduating awards, please go to the awards section of this website. 

External Admission Awards

Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for external awards for which they may be eligible well in advance of applying for admission. For more information on awards and scholarships at the University of Toronto, visit the School of Graduate Studies

Contact (MArch, MFC, MLA, MUD, MVS) (MScF, PhD ALD, PhD For)