Final Year Average

The calculation of the final year of study determines whether or not a master's applicant meets the standard academic requirement of admission. The Daniels Faculty Admissions Committee will review applicants' academic record in it's entirety as part of the review process. All applications will be reviewed holistically and therefore all applications will be considered.

Students progress through their programs in a variety of ways. Many students complete a bachelor’s program in four consecutive years, usually taking 4 to 6 full-course equivalents (FCE) over the fall and winter sessions each year. In these cases, the average is calculated with the courses taken in the last year of the program.

Students who have completed their program taking fewer courses in their final year may be considered by the School of Graduate Studies to have completed their bachelor’s program part-time. The final-year average is then calculated by considering the students' grades in academic courses in the last 5 FCEs* completed at the senior level (300+).

Questions about the final year of study and how it is calculated should be sent to by current applicants only.