Portfolio Instructions

Carefully read through the following information and specifications before uploading your portfolio. Consider watching our Portfolio Workshop as well. 


All applicants are required to submit an online portfolio of creative work. Portfolios that do not meet the specifications listed below will not be reviewed. Only digital submittals will be accepted. Hard copies will not be reviewed.

Portfolios will be assessed on the quality of the content, as well as the overall approach to the presentation of work.

The portfolio should include at least five (5) samples/projects documenting your creative ability.

Consider the format and sequence of images that best presents your ideas and what you want to communicate.

Text descriptions should be concise.

Identify the context of the work: academic, personal, or professional.

Identify whether a work is an individual project; a group project (describe your specific role); or done as part of a larger team, such as in an office (describe your specific role).

Identify the duration of the project: three weeks, semester-long, two years, etc.

Portfolios will be viewed on computer screens and monitors of different sizes (laptop, display, large format display; all with an aspect ratio of 16:10).

For those applying to more than one program:
A separate portfolio must be uploaded with each application. These may be identical portfolios, if appropriate, or distinct portfolios for each application.

For those applying for advanced standing:
The portfolio is an opportunity to demonstrate the level of your current design ability, as well as your potential to pursue advanced work in the program to which you are applying.

For those applying without previous design background:
The portfolio should contain evidence of creative potential in other fields, and/ or creative projects pursued independently.


File type:
Adobe PDF file.

File size:
64 MB maximum > or less, total PDF file size.

File format:
One (1) single PDF file.
Each page of the PDF will be viewed separately.
Be sure to designate your layout viewing preference when saving your file:
2 page view = spreads (2 pages side by side in 1 page of PDF)
Single page view = (1 page of PDF)

Portfolio page limit:
30 individual pages (including title page and table of contents).

Portfolio format:
Portrait, landscape, and neutral (square) orientations are all acceptable.

Viewing environment:
Review of portfolios will take place on computer screens and monitors (aspect ratio 16:10), with different display specifications.
The maximum pixel resolution per page or spread is 3840 x 2160.