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ARC112H1 Design + Engineering I OPPORTUNITY

Good afternoon,

In the winter term ARC112H1- Design + Engineering I will be offered and will be a substitute for JAV101H1.   ARC112H1 is a collaboration with the foundational course in first-year engineering, where students will conduct client-driven community-based research in response to design problems. Full course descriptions are below. There are limited spaces for this opportunity.

If selected, you will be added on ACORN to ARC112H1 & removed from JAV101H1 and notified via email.  If you are not selected, you will remain in JAV101H1.   

Students can apply to enroll into ARC112 by completing & submitting the following web form  by October 20, 2021

An Information session will be held. The date/time will be confirmed shortly. 

Course Descriptions

JAV101H1- Design Studio I: How to design almost anything  

A studio-based introduction to the methods and processes of design. The course serves as a hands-on exploration of design issues through a series of exercises that introduce students to the conceptual underpinnings of the design process, developing their capacity to conceive, manipulate, and analyze form through a variety of representational media. 

ARC112H1 – Design + Engineering I  
An introduction to the means and methods of design through a combined engineering and architecture studio. Students will work in teams with first-year engineering colleagues conducting community-based research in response to a specific client-driven design challenge. Prospective students should be enthusiastic about engaging in data-driven design research and collaborating on design solutions while developing skills in project management and architectural representation.