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Beginning of Term Reminders - Undergraduate

Dear Daniels Undergraduate students,

Happy New Year and welcome back to your first day of classes for the winter 2021 term. We hope you had a restful break.

Below are some beginning of term reminders:

WINTER TERM – Classes begin Monday, January 11, 2021

Course Enrolment & Degree Explorer

  • You can use the Degree Explorer tool to check on your academic progress. This can be especially helpful for students in their final year.
  • Check the Academic Calendar for official degree requirements.
  • Deadline to enroll in winter term courses is: January 24, 2021
  • Please ensure that you meet any prerequisite requirements specified for Winter term courses you are enrolled in. Prerequisite courses must be successfully completed prior to the start of the course in question. Daniels Faculty course prerequisites can be found in the Academic Calendar.


Due to the challenges of COVID, the deadline to request LWD or indicate CR/NCR has been extended for all Undergraduate students until January 15.

  • Students will be able to see their final grade prior to making a decision to LWD/CR/NCR a course.
  • Students planning on requesting an LWD will be able to meet with an academic advisor virtually during drop in advising appointments. Link available below.
  • Students may not CR/NCR any course that is required for their program completion. Please review your Degree Explorer.


Students can submit a petition, if they missed exams or require an extension for a final project due to exceptional circumstances. Details on petitions can be found here. The Petition form and statement should be submitted by the deadline to

  • Not all requests are granted. For example, petitions based on employment, or personal plans will not be considered.
  • The petition form is available on the Daniels website under forms.
  • All extension of time for term work must be submitted by January 11, 2021.
  • All final exam petitions must be submitted by January 18, 2021.


Please review your balance on your financial statement via ACORN. Monthly service charge fee billing resumes on February 15, 2021.

  • Per-course/ program fee assessment freeze date (S courses) is January 24, 2021. All student accounts will be reviewed for per-course fee eligibility after this date.
  • Please visit the student accounts page for more details and information.


We continue to meet with students remotely. If you would like to meet with an advisor for a pre-booked, individual appointment, please email

Drop-in appointments are also available every Wednesday 3-4pm EST and Friday 9-10am EST via zoom.

Zoom links:

Wednesday 3-4pm

Join Zoom Meeting:

Friday 9-10am

Join Zoom Meeting:

For any questions, please email