Building Access

All newly admitted students will be issued a FOB key that will grant access to all Daniels Faculty buildings and studio spaces. A FOB also acts as a printing key to release print jobs from the queue in the large format printing on the ‘plotters.’ Prior to picking up a FOB key, students will be required to provide their TCard to pick up your FOB. If you have lost your FOB,  the replacement cost for a lost FOB is $25. Information about when and where to pick up a FOB is emailed to newly admitted students in August annually.

Deadlines to Request Deposit refund:

Month all degree requirements are completed:

Due Date for FOB Return:


3rd Tuesday of January (example: Students finishing in December 2018, FOBs must be submitted by January 15, 2019 in order to receive deposit back.)


3rd Tuesday of May


3rd Tuesday of September

Students may begin to pick up their FOBs from the Office of the Registrar and Student Services during the first week of classes.

All students are asked to do their part to keep the Daniels buildings secure.  Please do not prop locked doors open or let strangers into the building after hours.  Everyone who needs building access should have access.