Course Exemptions and Transfer Credits for Research Stream Students

Transfer credit for graduate work completed in another program or University is limited to 1.0 full-course equivalent (FCE) or 25% of the course requirements for any degree, whichever is greater, provided that the courses have not been credited towards another degree, diploma, certificate, or any other qualifications. Such credit may be given on the recommendation of the student's graduate unit and with the School of Graduate Studies' approval, normally upon admission. 

Students participating in an approved exchange program on the recommendation of their graduate unit may receive transfer credit for up to 50% of the course requirements for their degree. They may also complete language requirements while on the exchange. When recommended by the unit and approved by SGS, that percentage may be exceeded by doctoral students.

In all cases, transfer credit arrangements for exchange program participants must be approved in advance by the Faculty and SGS.

Transfer of credit and course exemptions include the following categories:

  1. Transfer Credit: Course Equivalent Credit received for course completed in a prior program is considered to be equivalent to course offered by the graduate unit, thus reducing the overall course credit requirements for degree.

  2. Transfer Credit: General Equivalent Unassigned credit for course not identifiable with course offerings but which is evaluated as being appropriate for academic credit on transfer, thus reducing overall course credit requirements for degree.

  3. Course Exemption: The graduate unit may exempt a student from a specific course requirement permitting the substitution of another course to meet degree requirements. Overall course credit requirements for the degree is not reduced.

Research Stream students interested in applying for Transfer credit(s) and/or course exemption(s) must have the approval of the Supervisor/s and must submit their request upon admission/before the start of the academic year. Only under exceptional circumstances will late requests be considered. 

To be considered, transfer credit/course exemption applications must include: