Daniels Faculty Workload Policy and Procedures

The teaching and service loads described in this document represent levels that have been established by convention for several years at the Daniels Faculty and are similar in kind and extent to those practiced by peer programs within professionally and academically oriented schools of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Design and Art in universities throughout Canada, and across North America. The proscribed and rigorous teaching demands of our professional curricula are stipulated in policies established by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) and Landscape Architecture Accreditation Council (LAAC). The Daniels Faculty’s teaching and time‐ intensive studio teaching model, and coordinated curriculum of technology, history/theory and professional practice courses must address applicable accreditation requirements, and require a highly diverse, and expert teaching faculty drawn from both academic and professional backgrounds. Given the demands of our professional, non‐ professional graduate, and undergraduate curricula, and the necessarily diverse nature of our faculty, in terms of background, training, and type/percentage of appointment, we are committed to a workload policy that is not only equitable and transparent, but flexible enough to allow us to meet the collective demands of our students, programs and individual faculty.

Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design Workload Policy and Procedures (January 1, 2021)