Daniels Graduate Summer Electives 2023

Dear Daniels Graduate Students,

This is a reminder about enrolling in summer electives. 

Summer electives are not mandatory and are completely optional. As a reminder, those who are graduating in June are not eligible to participate in summer courses.

Please see all course descriptions and timetable on the Daniels website.   Some information may continue to be updated, please check these pages regularly for up-to-date information.

As in the fall, students will enrol in sequence, according to their program and year of study. Please see below for all sessional dates.

Students can view their Degree charts as a guide and all of your program requirements in the SGS Calendar.

As reminder, students may enrol in electives from across the university and are not limited to those courses at Daniels (including Forestry). If you wish to enrol in a course at another department, you may be required to complete the Add/Drop form. All add/drop forms should be sent to registrar@daniels.utoronto.ca

Once your date has begun, you will be able to continue your enrolment when ACORN is available. 

Monday, April 17th (10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.): Ph.D. (AH PHD, FO PHD, FO PHD U); Post Professional M.Arch. and M.L.A. (AH MARC1, AH MLA 1); M.Arch year 4 and 3 (AH MARC - Year of Study (YOS) 4, AH MARC YOS3 and AH MARC2 YOS2); and M.Sc.F. all years (FO MSCF). 

Tuesday, April 18th (10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.): M.Arch year 2 (AH MARC YOS2, AH MARC2 YOS1); M.L.A. year 3 (AH MLA YOS3, AH MLA 2 YOS2); M.U.D. year 2 (AH MUD YOS 2); M.V.S. year 2 (AH MVS YOS2); and M.F.C. year 2 (AH MFC/MFC2 YOS2). 

Wednesday, April 19th (6:00 a.m.): all remaining Daniels graduate students, i.e. M.Arch year 1 (AH MARC YOS1); M.L.A. year 2 and 1 (AH MLA YOS2, AH MLA 2 YOS1, and AH MLA YOS1); M.U.D. year 1 (AH MUD YOS1); M.V.S. year 1 (AH MVS YOS1); and M.F.C. year 1 (AH MFC/MFC2 YOS1).


Office of the Registrar and Student Services 

Daniels Faculty, University of Toronto 

1 Spadina Crescent, Room 100 

Toronto, ON M5S 2J5 

T: 416-946-3897 

E: registrar@daniels.utoronto.ca