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December Exam & Review Reminders - Graduate

Dear Daniels Graduate students, 

As the December Final Assessments began today and continue until December 21, we would like to share a few reminders with you.  

Check the exam schedule

Remember to check the exam schedule for the date/time/location of your exam or review. The schedule for online assessments will be shared by instructors on Quercus or the course website.  

Daniels Exam & Review Schedule: December 2021 Review & Examination Schedule | Daniels ( 

Post Review Clean-Up  

After you are done with your review, please take your belongings with you and ensure that you have cleaned up the space you were using.  

When Finals Don't Go According To Plan  

Sometimes, things do not go as planned.  While you are expected to make every effort to complete term work and examinations, sometimes students encounter unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances. 

What to do?  

  1. If you were unable to attend your exam or review, complete the Absence Declaration on ACORN 
  2. Contact the Office of the Registrar and Student Services if you require advising 
  3. Following the end of term , students must submit an extension to complete coursework form, which includes a written statement explaining their circumstances along with appropriate supporting documentation. Extension to complete coursework forms should be submitted to