Design Build: The Bentway

ARC395H1 S
Instructor: Clint Langevin
Meeting Section: P0102
Summer 2023
Toronto Dates: August 1 - 14, 2023

The Bentway is a catalyst rooted in experimentation, leading a creative movement to re-imagine the opportunities of urban spaces. The Bentway Phase 1 at Fort York offers year-round programming and a glimpse of what is possible under the Gardiner Expressway. Modular infrastructure at The Bentway plays a big role in connecting communities to events, programs, amenities, and the public spaces of the site. Existing site furnishings include a mix of off the shelf signage and lighting, bespoke custom-design seating, and modified tent and shelter devices. The Bentway is currently preparing a visual identity for its brand that imagines the next generation of site furnishings outside of Phase 1.

Within this framework, the Bentway is looking to develop and deploy an adaptable and modular infrastructure structure that builds upon the existing approach to the site, further diversifies the opportunity for occupying public spaces under the Gardiner, and expresses the Bentway’s new visual identity. The studio will aim to create a modular, large-scale structure that can be reconfigured as smaller, independent elements that are unique in their public offering, but come together to form a cohesive structure through design, material selection, colors, and texture. Working collaboratively with The Bentway, students will design and build a unique structure that is consistent with The Bentway brand and its plans to occupy new spaces under the Gardiner.