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Design Build Studio: Corner Commons

ARC395H1 F
Instructor: Clint Langevin
Meeting Section: L0101
Summer 2022
May 23 - June 3

In the summer of 2021 Clint Langevin led a Perkins&Will social purpose program with the Jane/Finch Centre to design and build Corner Commons – a temporary informal gathering space that transformed a portion of the Jane Finch Mall into a welcoming public space for the community. Coordinated by the Jane/Finch Centre, Corner Commons hosted a wide range of activities with local artists, resident leaders, grassroots groups, and various community organizations from the neighbourhood. The project was awarded a 2022 RAIC National Urban Design Award of Excellence.

In the spring of 2022, students will continue this work, collaborating with the Jane/Finch Centre staff and community leaders to design and build a stage canopy and backdrop, and shade structures for the second iteration of Corner Commons. These structures will be vital components of the public space, creating a focal point for visitors, a substantial shaded area where residents can hang out and relax, and a flexible space for performances and other community - led programming.

The studio will be co-taught by Clint Langevin, an architect at Perkins&Will and Amy Norris, an architect at Diamond Schmitt Architects who is currently working on a music school addition at the nearby York Woods Toronto Public Library. Students will also have the opportunity to interact with industry professionals and a professional structural engineer throughout the studio.