Design Research Internship

ARC495Y1 F
Coordinator: Pina Petricone
Meeting Section: L0101
Summer 2024
Date: May 6 - June 17, 2024


This course bridges academic knowledge with professional practice and advances for upper level, undergraduate students models of design research. It offers students, in the form of a six-week internship, the opportunity to apply critical research and visual communication skills to focused work within the professional office of a local practitioner. Successful students will be hired to work on a research project defined by the host office that is intrinsically linked to their ongoing professional activity.

DRIP places 3rd and 4th-year BAAS students in leading Toronto design practices for a period of 6 weeks during the May-June Summer period, beginning May 6th, 2024. During this time, interns will work full-time, four days per week with their employer, while Wednesdays will be reserved for academic activity and attending a weekly seminar with Professor Petricone. DRIP will define for students models of practice, research, and interdisciplinary design, and will also help the participants build connections with members of Toronto's professional community.

Course Details

Eligibility: Prerequisite of 1.0 credit ARC 300-level courses. Course will also be open to include 4th year graduated students.
ARC495 Y1 F is a full (1.0) credit course.

Evaluation and final grading is determined by internship performance and employer feedback, contribution and participation in weekly seminar, and quality of final DRIP document.

Wednesday Seminars:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday; (4 days/week) interns work with their host office. Each Wednesday is reserved for academic activity, including mandatory attendance at the ARC495 seminar Wednesdays, 2pm-5pm for the duration of the internship.

Practitioners compensate their interns for time worked in the form of a lump sum stipend in the amount of $3,360 at the conclusion of the internship. This assumes a rate of $20 per hour, 4 days per week, for the duration of six weeks.

Application Requirements

Applicants must submit a CV, Statement of Interest, and a Portfolio (max. 10MB) all in PDF format. The Design Research Internship Application form can be found here. (Please note the form is limited to 1 submission. Further editing and amendments are NOT allowed after the form has been submitted.).
The deadline to submit your application is February 19th, 11:59pm EST.

Please provide a CV that includes both curricular and extra-curricular activity. Please also identify any software knowledge, workshop training, and other practical skills.
The purpose of the CV is to aid in the matching process, previous experience in architecture is not required to participate in DRIP.

Statement of Interest:
The expression of interest should be concise and include your areas of interest by addressing the following:

  • Your motivation for participating in DRIP.
  • Describe course, studio, or projects of highlight while at Daniels.
  • Identify top five interest areas of practice from the following:
    Urbanism, Landscape, Building Tectonics, Building Details, Public Space, Infrastructure, Digital Fabrication, Heritage, Energy Performance, Interdisciplinary, Representation, Housing, Public Policy, Community Engagement, Exhibition, Publication
  • Identify top five interest areas of research methods from the following:
    Conceptual Drawing, Mapping, Model Making, Technical Drawing, Archival Research, Historical Research, Photo Documentation, Rendering, Computation, Diagramming, Fieldwork, Spatial Analysis

Portfolio: (max. 10MB)
The portfolio of creative work must include visual representation of your design and or research work graphically well presented. It does not need to include both design and research, just work that best represents your strengths. This can include work produced in extracurricular activity.

Selected Process

A committee of Daniels faculty members will review and assess student applications, including CV, cover letter, and portfolio as well as grades to create a short list of recommended applicants to each participating firm. The final ranking, matching students to internships, will be made by the firms themselves. At this point, any declared preferences on the part of the applicant will be taken into consideration. Selection is based on academic consideration, portfolio strength, and DRIP fit.

Important Dates

  • Drip Information Session - February 6
  • Student Application Due – February 19, 11:59pm EST
  • Selection Committee Shortlist - March 13
  • Firms Ranking Due - March 18
  • Students Notified – March 21
  • Student Acceptance Deadline – March 27
  • Final Paperwork Deadline - April 9
  • Internships Begin - May 6

List of Participating Firms