DFALD End of Term Review Etiquette April 2023



Date: April 11, 2023


Re: Pin-up and Review Etiquette

Year-end reviews and thesis presentations will take place in the Daniels Building from April 11th - 28th. Please follow the basic guidelines listed below. 

Review Spaces. 

  • Only use pin-up walls, not drywall for pinning up. Special permission is required to pin-up on dry-wall. Damage or drilling into walls is prohibited. All students MUST remove their plots and models within two hours after completion of their review. Forgotten or abandoned work will be taken away and discarded by the end of the term. Please be considerate to fellow students and leave the pin-up space clean and ready for the next review.  


  • If possible, please do not build custom plinths unless necessary. A selection of plinths are located in the various review areas for you to use. Feel free to use them in place, do not move them around. Also, do not stand on the plinths.  


  • Please remove your models and plots from the building after completion of your  review. All models and personal belongings at 1 Spadina must be removed from the building by April 28th, after which you will not have FOB access to the building.  Abandoned models and personal items will not be stored, they will be disposed of appropriately. Please remember to label your models. (Visit the Studio Help Desk for model identification labels and for questions about temporary model storage). 

For Main Hall Reviews/ Pin-ups on partition walls. 

  • Magnets are required for all pin-ups (bond or mylar) scheduled for Main Hall partition walls. Push-pins and tape will not work. Magnet sets are available on- loan from the IT office (Room DA177). Magnet sets are available in sets of twenty-five. Please be sure to return all magnets after use. Five dollars will be charged for each missing magnet. 

Best of luck with your reviews!

Facilities Team