Event cover for Artist Talk with Montreal-based new-media artist and composer Erin Gee

Artist Talk with Erin Gee


Main Hall, Daniels Building
No registration required

Moving fluidly between such mediums as VR, robotics, internet streaming, net art, art installation and music, Montreal-based new-media artist and composer Erin Gee will share how she uses a multidisciplinary approach to interrogate feedback loops between affect, sincerity, emotional performance, music, trauma and cutting-edge techno-scientific research, enacting and realizing ideas of the human as informed by intersectional feminist thought.

Through her practice in visual art and experimental music, Gee pulls apart the phenomenological mechanics of emotion and music in the body. Embracing the imperfections and contradictions of technological mediation, she is also a DIY expert in affective biosensing hardware, software and performance practice. Her work has been shown in venues such as Fonderie Darling in Montreal, MacKenzie Art Gallery in Regina, the Toronto Biennial of Art, MUTEK Montreal, LEV Festival in Spain, NRW-Forum Dusseldorf and Ars Electronica in Austria. 

Her talk will be moderated by artist and composer Mitchell Akiyama, Assistant Professor of Visual Studies at the Daniels Faculty.