Detroit-Moscow-Detroit: An Event in Honour of Jean-Louis Cohen


Main Hall, Daniels Building
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Co-edited by Christina E. Crawford, the Daniels Faculty’s Claire Zimmerman and the late Jean-Louis Cohen, the recently published book Detroit-Moscow-Detroit: An Architecture for Industrialization, 1917-1945 examines spatial development, manufacturing, mass production and organizational planning across geopolitical lines in the 20th century, exploring how capitalist and communist built environments were co-produced in a period of intense technical exchange. Also among its contributors, Crawford and Zimmerman will be in attendance to discuss their participation in the book as well as selected themes. The event is dedicated to the memory of Jean-Louis Cohen.

An associate professor at the Daniels Faculty since July 2023, Claire Zimmerman focuses in her work on “protocols of modernization and modernity” in architecture and the built environment. A trained atchitect, Christina E. Crawford is the Masse-Martin NEH Professor of Art History and an associate professor of architectural history at Emory University. They co-edited Detroit-Moscow-Detroit: An Architecture for Industrialization, 1917-1945, published in 2023 by MIT Press, with the late Jean-Louis Cohen.