How to Steal a Country


Larry Wayne Richards Gallery, Daniels Building

Join us for the opening of How to Steal a Country, curated by the Daniels Faculty’s Lukas Pauer. Located in the Larry Wayne Richards Gallery at 1 Spadina Crescent, the exhibition transforms the display space into scenes from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Scale- and life-size dioramas, vignettes and tableaus create an immersive experience, revealing the key role that architecture plays in the ongoing sovereignty dispute. Key invasion scenes employing techniques from theatrical-set model-making establish sovereignty as a performative concept dependent on an audience.

This event is part of the Daniels Faculty’s Winter 2024 Public Program. Pauer will also give a public lecture titled “Recognizing Facts on the Ground: Deconstructing Power in the Built Environment” on March 14 at 6:30 p.m. ET in the Mail Hall of the Daniels Building.

Daniels Faculty Emerging Architect Fellow Lukas Pauer is a licensed architect, urbanist, historian and educator. His Vertical Geopolitics Lab, an investigative practice and think tank at the intersections of architecture, geography, politology and media, is dedicated to exposing intangible systems and hidden agendas within the built environment.