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FTP Step-By-Step (For Mac Users)

Mac OS X does not have an integrated client for FTP which can download and upload files, therefore we recommend installing third-party FTP client which permits both operations.

This step-by-step guide is developed by using Cyberduck FTP client, which can be downloaded from the following url:

After downloading and installing Cyberduck FTP program into the Applications folder.

1. Add a new Bookmark for Daniels FTPs connection:

The bookmark properties window will popup:

  1. Choose FTPS (FTP/SSL) type of connection
  2. For the nick name - we recommend typing "Daniels"
  3. In the server field type
  4. As the user name type your Daniels login name
  5. Close the window by pressing on the red dot in the top left corner

2. When you double-click on the newly created "Daniels" bookmark, Cyberduck will ask your Daniels password for the first time. Enter it and you will be able to access to the Daniels FTP files.