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George T. Goulstone Fellowship

The George T. Goulstone Fellowship provides a student or students in the Architecture program (undergraduate or graduate) with funds to devote themselves to a study of Georgian architecture in England.


Value: The approximate value of the award is $5,000.00, and more than one recipient may be awarded this amount.

This award is an in-course award (not graduating) award.


Application: Students must apply for the award by submitting an application, and a proposal that details their travel itinerary (including sites to be visited) and budget, as well as a statement of what aspects of common or everyday forms of architecture, landscape, and/or urban design that they plan to study. Students are also required to indicate how the travel will contribute to the development of their further studies.

Application Deadline: Normally in the late February - early March of each year.

Application: The application form will be available in early February of each year.


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