Daniels 3D Printing Lab

The Daniels Digital Fabrication 3D Print Lab is equipped with a variety of 3D Printing technology: Binderjet 3D Printers, along with various FDM printers. The 3D Print Lab houses two Stratasys F120 3D printers, and a 3D Systems Projet 660pro 3D printer. The Printing Lab is located on the 1st floor in the Digital Fabrication Office. Print lab functions as a service bureau for submission. Files are submitted and then collected once complete.

Ultimaker S7 FDM, PLA, PVA Printer

The Ultimaker S7 stands out with its dual print head, enabling the use of diverse materials like PLA, ABS, Nylon, PVA, and specialty filaments. This feature facilitates complex multi-material prints, including those with water-soluble supports. Its heated bed and integrated camera for remote monitoring further enhance its functionality. Its fast print speed making this machine a versatile tool for both professionals and hobbyists.

Ultimaker S7 Daniels Guide (PDF)

Material cost for the Ultimaker:

  • PLA - $0.82 per meter
  • PVA - $1.63 per meter

Stratasys F120 FDM 3D printer

The Stratasys F120 extrudes ABS plastic, a production-grade thermoplastic that gives printed models the ability to perform just like production parts in real-world applications. Two materials — one for models, one for support — are heated in an extrusion head and deposited in thin layers on a modeling base. The model is precisely built layer upon layer. When the model is complete, the support material is removed, leaving an accurate, durable, functional 3D model.

Stratasys FDM Daniels Guide (PDF)

Stratasys FDM Youtube Playlist (Video Guide)

Material cost for the Stratasys F120:

  • ABS - $3.50 per cubic inch
  • ASA - $3.50 per cubic inch
  • SR-30 - $4.90 per cubic inch

Contact 3dprinting@daniels.utoronto.ca for additional information.