Mentorship & Leadership Opportunities

Daniels Mentorship Program

Mentorship Coordinators: Rafia Jabeen and Jared Leslie

Senior Mentors: Paul Kaita, Rose Mohammad, and Silya Sarieddine

IT coordinator: Ashvin Baskaran

The 2020-2021 Daniels Mentorship Program is now underway! The program connects first- and second-year students with upper year undergraduate students. Mentees will receive support in navigating campus resources and transitioning to university life. Mentors will build valuable leadership skills as they take on a challenging and rewarding role to ensure the best experience for their mentees.

We would like to thank everyone who attended the online “matchmaking event!” We are excited to match mentors and mentees who will have the opportunity to meet online for shared activities like design challenges, game nights, and paired collaborations.

For questions/comments/info on upcoming events:

Instagram: @danielsmentorship
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