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10.10.19 – Why a Daniels Faculty alumnus hired a Daniels Faculty student

When alumnus Thomas Tampold (BArch 1982) visited One Spadina Crescent for a tour of the faculty's new facilities in 2017, he discovered that he and his tour guide, undergraduate architecture student Jacquie Muscat, had some things in common. "I found out that she was very interested in working in the field of interior architecture and smaller-scale projects," Tampold says. His firm, Yorkville Design Centre, happens to specialize in exactly those areas. Tampold asked Muscat to stay in touch.

He gave her his card. "His opinions were so inspiring," Muscat recalls. "I was going to contact him, but I was really busy."

The business relationship might have ended there.

A few months later, Tampold hadn't heard from Muscat, but he still hadn't forgotten her bright personality. He thought she had potential, and he knew he wanted to give her a start in the architecture industry if he could. He decided that he'd try reaching out. With some assistance from Daniels Faculty advancement staff, he was able to offer her a summer internship.

Muscat worked at Yorkville Design Centre throughout the summer of 2018, and then returned for a second internship at the firm in summer 2019. She is now completing her thesis at the Daniels Faculty.

Tampold has consistently been impressed with her computer drafting and modelling skills. "There are many new computer programs that make the office much more efficient," he says. "She was very good at Grasshopper, as well as Rhino and AutoCAD."

"If she's any reflection upon the school, then I would say that the Daniels Faculty is a fabulous institution."

Muscat, for her part, has learned the value of a well-rounded undergrad experience. "If I had stayed and continued working in the studio that day and didn't take the time to participate in the Daniels Building opening, I wouldn't have met Thomas," she says. "Schoolwork is one thing, but you've also got to think ahead."

The Daniels Faculty creates opportunities for current students and alumni to meet through events like public lectures, symposia, exhibition openings, and thesis reviews. On October 22, there will be a Student-Professional Networking Event in the main hall at One Spadina crescent. For more details, see the event listing on our website.

Photograoh of Thomas Tampold and Jacquie Muscat by Tina Siassi.