"Resurfacing Taddle Creek" by Alissa and Pete North

19.01.17 - North Design Office "resurfaces Taddle Creek" for the Toronto Design Offsite Festival

This year, the Toronto Design Offsite (TO DO) festival will feature its first outdoor installation: Resurfacing Taddle Creek by North Design Office — the award-winning landscape architecture firm of Associate Professor Alissa North and Assistant Professor Pete North.

The public art installation will bring to life “the rich history of Toronto’s Taddle Creek by animating a portion of its path that lies beneath Toronto’s city streets.”

From the TO DO website:

In bringing Trinity Square Park’s water feature to life through new sculptural forms, North Design Office fashions structures of brightly painted tree fragments, and intertwined lighting to create a flow through this urban space. ‘Resurfacing Taddle Creek’ is a nod to historical landscapes, which often get erased as we adapt urban environments to accommodate growing populations. The exhibition signals Taddle Creek’s path while also bringing light and cheer to deep winter nights.

The TO DO Festival runs from January 16 to 22. For full schedule of events, visit: http://todesignoffsite.com/