13.07.12 - Dwell names "4 Treehouse" by Lukasz Kos one of its 7 favourite tree houses

Dwell has named "4 Treehouse," designed by Daniels Alumus and sessional lecturer Lukasz Kox, one of it's seven favourite treehouses. The online article entitled "Tremendous Tree Houses," includes a slideshow of tree houses around the world, from Los Angeles to New Zealand to British Columbia. 

"This levitating structure resides comfortably above the forest floor in Lake Muskoka, Ontario, a product of Lukasz Kos, a Toronto-based designer and cofounder of the architecture firm Testroom," writes Dwell. "At the base of the tree, a staircase rolls on casters upon two stone slabs, allowing occupants to enter and exit regardless of how much the tree house may be swaying or rocking in the wind. And yes, it is most definitely from the future."

More information on "4 Treehouse" can be found at:  http://www.dwell.com/articles/suspended-habitation.html