12.10.12 - Brian Boigon's online book We Have Impact riffs on everyday design from the Weekend to the Halo

A new online book by Brian Boigon, Director of the Daniels Faculty's Undergraduate Architectural Studies program, is currently orbiting the Internet. Titled We have Impact, the book contains a series of essays on design and society. Topics range from the colour beige, "the colour of suburban chic" in the post-war era — to the cursor, which "pulsates like a heartbeat" so that it "looks like your computer is alive."

In his chapter on the Weekend, Boigon explores how "ad agencies and their clients want to own the brandable weekend." On the Halo, he informs us that "in addition to having religious meaning, 'HALO' is also an acronym for 'high altitude low opening' and refers to the optimum moment when a pilot will move their aircraft into the HALO position to drop personnel or supplies to the ground." Other chapters include insight into, and poetic ruminations on, Snow, Texture, Static, and Haze as well as the concepts of Ignite, Play, and Kill.

Boigon's current research is focused on the development of motion pathway design-based consumer social systems such as mobile social networks. He is also the Founding Director of www.remixtheschoolhouse.com and is busy frantically working on an article loosely titled "Video Game Architecture" which will be published after the snow starts falling.

To read the book, visit: http://www.wehaveimpact.com/