15.04.13 - History and theory of architecture professor Mary Lou Lobsinger speaks in Toronto and abroad

Associate Professor Mary Lou Lobsinger presented a paper at The American Society of Environmental History's annual meeting held April 3-6 at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto.

The University of Toronto was a co-sponsor of this multidisciplinary conference. The theme of this year's event, "Confluences, Crossings, and Power," invited participants "to reflect on what it means to visit a city on the Great Lakes, crossing international borders…and exploring the differences that national boundaries may make for a wide variety of environmental issues."

Lobsinger presented her paper entitled "Challenging Expertise" as part of the panel  "Defining  Environment in the Design Context" chaired by Daniel Barber of the University of Pennsylvania.

A teacher of the history and theory of architecture and design at the Daniels Faculty, Lobsinger's research focuses on the history and theories of modern architecture and urbanism, specifically postwar and contemporary issues. Her most recent research involves experiments between theory and praxis.

This past academic year, Lobsinger was also invited to present keynote lecture at the University of Melbourne on the University of Toronto's Scarborough College and the international context of John Andrews' Canadian work. An Australian architect, John Andrews was the director of U of T's architecture program from 1962 to 1967. In addition to designing Scarborough College, Andrews' firm was also part of the multidisciplinary team that designed the CN Tower.

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