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07.03.21 - The Mass Timber Institute will co-host TimberCon

The Daniels Faculty's Mass Timber Institute is devoted to the study and promotion of next-generation wood products that promise to change the way we build our cities. Later this month, the institute will be co-hosting a major mass timber conference.

TimberCon, which the MTI is hosting in partnership with The Architect's Newspaper, will take place on March 18 and March 19. A long list of experts — including the Daniels Faculty's own Robert Wright, Anne Koven, and Emmet Snyder — will be participating in discussions about mass timber, its implications for society and the environment, and best practices for its use in structures.

The two-day event will be taking place entirely online. General admission tickets are $240 ($25 for students), and participants can earn as many as 10 AIA HSW CEUs.

For more information, visit the TimberCon website.

Take me to the TimberCon website