26.05.14 - Alumnus Tye Farrow shows the Globe and Mail's "Architourist" how to diagnose the health of a neighbourhood

The Globe and Mail’s “Architourist” Dave LeBlanc, featured Daniels Faculty Alumnus Tye Farrow in a recent column. LeBlanc took a walk with Farrow along Yonge Street through Toronto’s Summerhill neighbourhood to discuss how good urban design and architecture can “cause health,” an approach known as “salutogenesis.”

Farrow’s firm, Farrow Partnership Architects, “has come up with a set of “lenses” that anyone can use to diagnose his or her habitat, whether single-family home, rental apartment tower, condo building, work-place, school, or the community in which it is situated,” writes LeBlanc. These lenses include: variety, vitality, authenticity, legacy, and each are outlined in a video Farrow’s firm published on YouTube titled “Salutogenic Places: Designed to Thrive.”

For the full article, visit Farrow Partnership Architects’ website.

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