29.09.14 - Three new essays by Jane Wolff appear in three new books on landscape, urbanism, and ecology

Associate Professor Jane Wolff has published essays in three recent books on landscapes, urbanism and ecology. 

“Landscapes of San Francisco Bay: Plates from Bay Lexicon,” in Architecture in the Anthropocene: Encounters Among Design, Deep Time, Science and Philosophy (Etienne Turpin, editor, Open Humanities Press), uses examples from her exhibit at the Exploratorium in San Francisco to demonstrate that the urban landscape is a product of long, reiterative interactions among human intentions, geographic circumstances, and environmental processes.

“Cultural Landscapes and Dynamic Ecologies: Lessons from New Orleans,” in Projective Ecologies (Chris Reed and Nina-Marie Lister, editors, ACTAR), addresses ways in which post-Katrina New Orleans and its dilemmas provide a valuable case study for examining how the understanding of ecology is — and isn't — inflecting contemporary design practice at metropolitan scales.

“Pontchartrain Park + Gentilly Woods Landscape Manual,” jointly authored with Carol McMichael Reese in New Orleans Under Reconstruction (Carol McMichael Reese, Michael Sorkin and Anthony Fontenot, editors, Verso Books), documents Wolff's work with two New Orleans community organizations, Longue Vue House and Gardens and the Pontilly Disaster Collaborative, to develop landscape rehabilitation strategies for a culturally significant African-American mid-century Modern neighbourhood hit hard by Hurricane Katrina.