01.05.14 - Show moisture who's boss with tips from building science professor Ted Kesik

Associate Professor Ted Kesik has published an article in the Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG) (a program of the National Institute of Building Sciences) on Moisture Management.

“The management of moisture migration is by far the most important control function to be addressed by the building enclosure designer,” writes Kesik, who teaches building science at the Daniels Faculty. “Consequences range from structural failure to cosmetic flaws, and in some cases the health of the occupants can be adversely affected, as in the case of mold growth, causing allergic and respiratory problems.”

Key to tackling moisture, says Kesik, is to remember the “4 Ds:”

  • deflection of water to minimize wetting exposure;
  • drainage to convey away water that penetrates the assembly;
  • drying of any residual water by means of ventilation; and
  • durability of materials to withstand exposure to periodic wetting and provide an acceptable service life.

Professor Kesik’s research interests include high performance buildings, durability, life cycle assessment, systems integration, and sustainability. He is the author of a comprehensive cost-benefit study of the Toronto Green Standard, and also co-authored the Tower Renewal Guidelines as part of a collaborative research project examining building envelope retrofits of 1960s to 1980s concrete high-rise apartment buildings.  

For the full article, visit WBDG’s website.