22.07.19 - Footprints of Change offers a critical reflection on Parkdale's ongoing gentrification

Last year, Daniels undergraduate students explored architecture's role in gentrification as part of a course taught by Sessional Lecturer Reza Nik. Focusing on Toronto's Parkdale neighbourhood, Nik challenged the students to investigate social and political issues through an architectural lens.

This summer, work produced as part of that class by Jo-Lynn Yen, Hannah Hui, Saige Michel, and Esteban Poveda Torres is on display at The Public (58 Landsdowne Avenue), a store-front gallery that addresses issues of social justice and anti-oppression.

The exhibition, Footprints of Change, highlights gentrification's detrimental effect on the local community, with a focus at specific sites undergoing change. The students were also inspired to support communities in the area working to resist gentrification.

Footprints of change runs until September 10. Visit The Public's website for more details.

Photos by Reza Nik