Potteries Thinkbelt axonometric view Drawing

02.04.19 - Mary Louise Lobsinger presents her research on the Potteries Thinkbelt by Cedric Price

U of T scholars and international visitors from a range of disciplines — architecture, media studies, art history, literature, and information studies — explored the impact of space on communication at the recent workshop, “Building Communication: Architectural History and Media Archaeology,” hosted by the Department of History and Art at the McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology.
How do these spaces facilitate or hinder the flow of people, work, sounds, messages and technologies? What effect do their materials, aesthetics and approaches to design have on these flows? And what makes up the larger systems these places are part of — roads, parking lots, empty tracts of land, cities, transit hubs, telecommunications cables?
Among the presenters at the workshop, architectural historian and Associate Professor at the Daniels Faculty, Mary Louise Lobsinger, spoke about her research on the Potteries Thinkbelt by Cedric Price and the modes in which this technology of architectural space interacts with the human body. Lobsinger is also cross-appointed to the Department of History of Art.

Image: Cedric Price, Pitts Hill Transfer Area, Rail Road Link, Potteries Thinkbelt: axonometric view, 1963-1967, published in Architectural Design (October 1966), 488.