09.12.15 - The Office of Adrian Phiffer wins 2nd Prize in the Europan 13 competition

The Office of Adrian Phiffer — which includes Daniels Faculty Lecturer Adrian Phiffer, and Master of Architecture students Dimitrios Karopoulos and Liusaidh Macdonald — has won 2nd Prize in Europan 13, a competition conducted in partnership with European municipalities, local authorities, and clients.  

The Office proposed the a 150,000-square-feet of residential project for the municipality of Nacka, Sweden. It’s proposal, titled “The Ends of the City," incorporates various typologies and reconsiders the resilience of urban form over time.

“This conceptual master plan is in itself a statement to the debate about future urbanism,” remarked the jury. “It tries to present the typologies of the past as possible fragments of the future.”

A total of 1,305 projects were submitted to the competition from teams across 45 countries. Just over 300 projects were shortlisted for a prize. 

The competition organizers report that the winning projects propose “a sensitive form of urban planning, where different places can be used at different times, and rethink the quality of the spaces from that perspective, raising the question of the “hospitality” of urban spaces and their appropriation by city users.”