21.05.14 - Alissa North and Ed Fife receive 2014 OALA Awards

The Daniels Faculty would like to congratulate Associate Professor Alissa North and Professor Emeritus Ed Fife on receiving 2014 OALA Awards.

North was recognized with a Research and Innovation Award, which recognizes the outstanding leadership, research and/or academic achievements of those who, through scholarly activities, contribute to the knowledge base that furthers the advancement of the art, science, and practice of landscape architecture.

“Alissa is a professor at the University of Toronto who continually is involved in pursuing new ideas in Landscape Architecture,” writes the OALA on their website.

In addition to her duties at U of T she is a partner in North Design Office. Much of the office’s work is found in competitions and installations where Alissa is constantly testing new ideas. Many of these competitions and installations have resulted in many published articles about North Design Office’s continued efforts to increase the boundaries of the profession.

The work that Alissa has followed in her office and at U of T is part of the groundwork has led to a new published work Operative Landscapes; Building Communities Through Public Space. This publication is a great reference document for offices and students to familiarize themselves with recent new design typologies that have entered the profession. The book illustrates the infinite ways to build community through a park, a river corridor, community gardens, plaza or streetscape. The book offers valuable analysis using suburb design examples.

Fife received recognition for his years of service to the profession.

Writes the OALA:

Edward Fife (Ed), is a Landscape Architect and Associate professor at the University of Toronto, who has educated hundreds of students in his 46+ years of teaching in the United States, Canada, China and South Africa.

Ed has been a well ‐known professor at the University of Toronto since 1969. He has written numerous papers, been involved with the OALA, CSLA, CELA, IFLA and was very active in various capacities in the OALA on Education Committee, Planning Committee, Treasurer, Executive Council, President, Past President and research committee for government funding. During his career teaching, Ed was active in many exhibitions, conferences, research contracts and on many University Committees.

Many of us remember Ed for his extensive knowledge in Planting design, plant communities and natural systems. He was always willing to help students, or provide a much needed and targeted “kick in the rear”, to motivate students to go father, dig deeper, complete the work and state the relevance of all the above.

Looking at the various teaching roles at U of T and Ohio State, he has taught design studios, design critiques (which many of us will always remember), research and green urban environments, vegetation ecology and urban systems. During his career, Ed has been recognized on numerous occasions by the OALA and others including, The OALA David Erb Award, Harvard GSD List of 100 Distinguished Landscape Architects, citations, awards, a fellow of the CSLA /FCSLA and teaching awards.

Throughout his teaching career, Ed has gone beyond the normal standards guiding students through his teachings and mentored many to become excellent Landscape Architects.

Now in the next phase of his career, Ed is teaching occasionally in China at the Harbin Institute of Technical, spending time travelling, going to the farm and exploring the world.

For more information, visit the OALA website.