19.11.14 - Work by Visual Studies Professors John Massey, Lisa Steele, and Kim Tomczak exhibited at the Montreal Biennale

Visual Studies professors John Massey, Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak have work in the prestigious Montreal Biennale, which runs until January 4, 2015. This year’s exhibition, L’avenir (looking forward), “examines the relationship of contemporary art practices to speculation, futurity and its history, as well as the currency of projecting into the future.” Featured artists include those working in film, sculpture, photography, painting and illstallation “who respond to current conditions by considering ‘what is to come.’”

Assistant Professor John Massey has exhibited a suite of prints titled Black on White — “an explosion of words: letters, numbers, punctuation marks bursting forward from a blank background.”

Professor Lisa Steele — Director of the Daniels Faculty's Visual Studies Program — and Associate Professor Kim Tomczak contributed a video installation consisting of three elements: We’re Getting Younger All the Time (2001), Practicing Death (2003), and Entranced (2012).

For more information on the Biennale, visit: http://bnlmtl2014.org/en/